Premiere: The Burst of Things

On august 27th, 2020, at Border Podcast we’ll launch our first serie The Burst of Things. In six episodes, stories we’ll be narrated through the point of view of objects that became protagonists and emblematic during the social outbreak in 2019 in Chile.

We’ll premiere two episodes of the serie, The Innocent Pot and The Last Turnstile. The first narrates the story of a pot that’s on trial, we’ll be able to understand how she went from being a Teflon pot to becoming the sound of the explosion of social unrest; and in the second one we’ll meet a turnstile at Baquedano station that found himself in the middle of massive evasions that led to beginning of the social outbreak.

The series will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, El Desconcierto, Border Podcast and on your favorite podcast platform.

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