Where Are We Standing?

Let the unknown appear.
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The social convulsion followed by the global pandemic has forced us to change many of our habits and priorities, overcoming our reluctance to change and relinquish what was known or normal. Each of us has had to look inward, to understand what is not working anymore and how we might stand again. So we came up with the question, Where are we standing right now?

“Where Are We Standing?” takes as its starting point the final episode of our podcast series, “The Burst of Things”, a six part sound series about the history of Chile’s 2019 social movements from the perspective of the objects that shaped them.

This is a hybrid experimental short film where we take the Chilean contingency to the most intimate experience. Giving our Constitution a voice, life and emotions, creating a digital representation mixed with documentary footage of different filmmakers, in order to create a surreal journey that lead us to the inside of our most ingrained fears and beliefs as a society.

This is our attempt to process and rethink our reality, while we see collapsing in front of our eyes the big institutions that once ruled us.


Experimental Short Film / 13 min. / 2021


Direction: Maria Court & Trinidad Piriz

Production: Maria Court

Assistant Director & General Production: Francisca Miles

Scriptwriting: Trinidad Piriz & Benjamín Villalobos

Visuals y Front End: Paola Olea

Title y Web Design: Javier Garay

Music & Sound Design: Nicolás Aguirre

Voices: Trinidad Piriz, Belén Fernández, Nicolás Aguirre.



Produced by Mucha Media, in collaboration with Brillo Colectivo and with the support of Universidad de Bristol, Goethe Institute, NAVE, Ars Electronica and Universidad Austral.