Villa Impunity

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A journalist is allowed access to a retirement home where weapons used during the social outbreak are found. We can hear from their mouths their deepest beliefs and the privilege of immunity in which they live.


Writers: Trinidad Piriz and Benjamín Villalobos.

Voices: Diego Gaugain, Trinidad Piriz, Victoria de Gregorio and Jose Ignacio de Vries.

Directors: Trinidad Piriz and María Ignacia Court.

Producer: María Ignacia Court.

Sound Design and Editing: Claudio Vargas and Carlo Sánchez.

Music: Martín Pérez Roa.

Assistant Director: Fernando Lucero.

Assistant Producer: Francisca Miles.


Produced by Mucha Media, with support of University of Bristol, Invisibles Coop, Goethe Institute and NAVE.

Media Partners El Desconcierto & Radio La Central.